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Our Dental Technology

iTero Digital Impressions

No more gooey impressions. We offer the cleanest and most accurate impressions possible. Your family deserves the very best and most comfortable care. That’s why we use the most up to date technology, such as the iTero digital scanner.

What Is the iTero Scanner?

iTero is the newest technology available in our offices. This technology uses a 3D scan to give us an accurate digital model of your teeth. This detailed scan gives us a chance to show you exactly what we are going to do and create the best plan for your needs.

How Does the iTero System Work?

We’ll scan each tooth with the iTero’s scanning wand. This wand fits comfortably in your mouth, so this process is quick and painless.

A laser light comes out of the wand and scans each tooth and sends that image back to the computer. In just a few minutes, we will have a 3D model of your teeth to help us create your treatment plan.

Benefits of the iTero 3D Digital Scanner

  • Eliminating impressions made using putty
  • The digital wand fits easily and comfortably into your mouth
  • Shorter appointment times
  • Fewer chair side appointments
  • More accurate Invisalign tray fit
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Temporary Anchorage Devices can be incorporated into your treatment plan to help move your teeth in ways that are impossible with braces alone. Dr. Frey is an expert in the use of TAD’s to close implant spaces, upright molars without braces, correct crooked smiles, and even provide surgical movements without the need for invasive surgery.

Digital Systems

Our digital x-rays, photos, and models ensure that your treatment plan is accurate and custom tailored to your needs. Digital x-rays offer the convenience of significantly less radiation, instant viewing, enhanced image quality and the ability to quickly collaborate with your dentist.

Appointment Reminder System

Our electronic scheduling system will send you a text message or email appointment reminder of your upcoming appointment.

Paperless Office

Our digital records and treatment notes allow us to effectively track treatments progress and time and collaborate efficiently with your other health care providers.

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