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Our Orthodontist Has Something For You To Chew On

April 29, 2024

You may not have given much thought to the way you chew your food, but our orthodontist at BP Smiles has examined this complex technique closely and knows how vitally important it is to our oral and overall health. Beyond the aesthetic benefits, our treatments ensure that your teeth are properly aligned so that each bite and chew is efficient, comfortable and pleasurable. 

Chewing requires that our teeth, jaw muscles and tongue work together in harmony. With each bite, our front teeth (the incisors) tear the food, which is then ground down and crushed by our molars. The tongue guides the food through the process so each mouthful is ready to be swallowed. 

When your bite is properly aligned, your teeth are working together smoothly, like a set of gears, evenly distributing the chewing force for efficient breakdown of each mouthful and ensuring that your teeth wear evenly. This also takes the strain off your jaw muscles and allows your food to be digested properly.

Conversely, a misaligned bite due to crowding or unevenly spaced teeth leads to unevenly worn teeth, excess stress on the jaw muscles, and improperly digested food that can result in a bloated or uncomfortable feeling in your stomach. 

It’s worth noting that studies suggest that each mouthful of food should be chewed about 32 times, and even more when chewing foods like steak. Chewing slowly and thoroughly is critically important to the absorption of nutrients and the digestive process. 

There are a few things as pleasurable as a meal with our favorite foods. Why not make every bite as enjoyable as possible? Our orthodontist at BP Smiles has more options than ever to deliver a smile that will not only look amazing, but will enhance the experience of eating and allow you to speak more clearly and comfortably. Please contact us today to schedule an evaluation.

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